Friday, October 19, 2012

Yarn-bombed Chair, the Governor and a Labyrinth!

Recently I yarn-bombed a chair (and felted small creatures because the chair looked lonely!) for an exhibition at the Newark Arts Alliance (NAA). 

covered chair using a variety of techniques.

Then, Governor Jack Markell (DE) came to visit the NAA and sat in my chair. He has a great sense of humor and is definitely a good-sport!

Gov. Jack Markell & me laughing hysterically!

Then I headed to Wisconsin for the Annual TLS (The Labyrinth Society) Gathering. I had always wanted to create a labyrinth on the grounds so I decided to knit one.

finished labyrinth

The labyrinth was knitted in 2 pieces with the total length somewhere around 150 feet.

spiraling into center

I attached the labyrinth to the ground using garden or landscaping staples.

these boots were made for walking

As the Gathering ended, I gifted the labyrinth to Sherrill. Hopefully it will continue on in a new home in Michigan!

winding the labyrinth.
Photo by Lars Howett

Blessing to all of you on your knitted path!

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