Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Swarthmore Labyrinth

Yesterday I met 2 friends in Swarthmore, PA to show them the labyrinth at The Swarthmore Presbyterian Church on Harvard Avenue. First we spent an hour or two at Pendle Hill (a Quaker Retreat & Study Center) but the rain kept us from walking the classical 7 circuit labyrinth. But we did have the opportunity to walk the grounds (with an umbrella) to see the gardens, art studio, library, barn, bookstore and main house.

Eventually we decided we were hunger so we headed to the "Ville" or downtown Swarthmore to grab lunch. Fortunately the skies decide to take a short break (but alas the humidity did not!) so we went to the Presbyterian Church to see their Memorial Labyrinth and Gardens. The weather cooperated so we walked the Medieval or Chartres pattern.

entrance to the labyrinth garden...
names of those memorialized are  posted on the far wall.

a closer look at the labyrinth

Walking this labyrinth brings back many memories. One such memory occurred 7 or 8 years ago as I was walking solo in the labyrinth. To the right of the gardens is a children's playground (not pictured) and a young girl (maybe 3 or 4) was playing on the equipment with her father. I could hear part of the conversation and lots of laughter. Then I heard the young girl ask her father "Daddy, why is that old lady walking around in circles?" I have no idea how he responded because I immediately began laughing out loud - I guess I became the crazy old lady walking around in circles!

a view of the labyrinth and gardens from the memorial wall.

The labyrinth is located in a hedged lined garden. The house in the background is the ABC Strath-Haven Boy's House. Tiombe, does the house bring back memories?!!

oh! if only this tree could talk a language I understood!

After our walk and before we headed to Occasionally Yours for lunch...we rested!

Mary Anne & Jupie

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