Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Local Labyrinth Adventure

Today I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with my friend and talented harpist, Jupie and her hubby. After watching the last 15 minutes of the Tour de France (ouch..crashes and off the course in the last minute!) we headed out to her backyard where she has created a very powerful and creative labyrinth.

Her labyrinth has been lovingly created in a grove of trees using mulch. The path meanders around trees - in and out, out and in until you settle in the center.

From this angle it is difficult to see the path but once you begin walking the path reveals itself!

We then went to a neighboring park and they introduced me to a really cute labyrinth created by shrubbery and bricks. The small park in Thornbury Township Pennsylvania is an ode to the circle. The circular labyrinth, a circle of picnic tables, a cement circle with a hopscotch court painted on it and a wishing wheel. There was no signage concerning the labyrinth but it is a tranquil and quiet setting for centering.

Thornbury Township Labyrinth

And of course, it can't be all labyrinth's and centering. 2 over-sized Adirondack chairs provide a platform for fun, laughter, climbing and togetherness.

Some people never grow up!!

Finally, this Cherry tree is located by Jupie's labyrinth has a hollowed out spot. The space was created by woodpeckers (must be a great tasting tree!) and I think it would be a great space to yarn-bomb...more on that later.

my next yarn bomb??

I love discovering things in my own backyard.  So, what adventures await you in your backyard?

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