Friday, July 27, 2012

Future Olympic Rowers??

Washington College Crew Camp

Last week I ventured to Chestertown Maryland to see my daughter at Chesapeake Crew Camp. The rowing camp was part of Washington College's summer camp season and they rowed on the lovely Chester River. Washington College is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and is the Alma Mater of both of my parents and my Uncle Harold.

view from the road...

I traveled to Maryland with the air conditioner running (it was almost 100 degrees) and the CD playing shuffling through my choice of CD's - usually I am compromising with a 15 year old but alas I was in total control! Along the route I passed a lovely grass river which appeared to flow through the field.

the bees were busy pollinating

Then I happened upon a field of sunflowers - Van Gogh would have loved it!

Shiny, happy faces...

Next stop...downtown Chestertown -

Local hangout spot!

Driving through Chestertown and before I reached the College campus I noticed the Bluebird Tavern sign. I grew up with my father's stories of the Bluebird. Theta Chi's drinking and carrying on, hanging at the Tavern instead of studying etc. Oh! how I wished I wrote those stories down before my father passed on.

Support Crew

And yes, the younger siblings do always have to get dragged around. Bevyn's brother and his friend joined us. They do get tired of attending regatta's and sitting by the water especially when they would rather be in the water but they were troopers and the never complained or whined - even without a video game in sight!

Future Olympians

Well, camp is over and the girls are tired. Showers have been taken but the stories continue and now it is time to cheer on the US Olympians! Thanks Chestertown and Washington College - hope to see you next year!!

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