Friday, June 15, 2012

Birdhouse yarn bomb!

The birds are chirping, the yarn is bright...why not brighten up the day for a few friends and the birdies! I decided to yarn bomb a few birdhouses and then secretly leave them at the home of 2 dear friends and avid bird lovers.

finished bird houses!

This is what I started with...a pre-made birdhouse (I am NOT a carpenter...yet!) and 4 rolls of yarn (purchased for $1.00 each!).


And then they were bombed...front pieces were created with felt. For the house on the left I used green wool and felted it and the house on the right I used felt that I had purchased.

see the button!

Operation Yarn Bandit...drop off time!

getting ready to deliver!

So, I tipped toed to my friend Barbara's door - a yarn bomber does not want to be caught and I was doing this in broad daylight! And left the house by her front door...

goodbye birdhouse...enjoy your new home!

And then I drove over to my friend Chris' home. Her car was gone so I knew I was safe for a few minutes...and I left the bird house by her back door to await her return.

Chris has a fence in her garden with several bird houses. I hope this one will be added to 'Bird House Row'!

P.S. I wasn't caught but Chris knew immediately who the yarn bandit was! Barb thought it was Chris so at least I fooled her for a few minutes.

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  1. This is just too cool for words! Some very lucky birds are getting colorful new homes! Yay birds! Hooray for the yarn bandit!