Sunday, February 15, 2015

World Labyrinth Day Ideas (in case of rain or inclement weather)

The other day I received an email from a friend and fellow labyrinth enthusiast and artist, Linda Gordon ( Several years ago we collaborated on a joint Summer Solstice labyrinth walk. We both hosted labyrinth walks for the Aune Heads Art Centre ‘The Home and The World 2012’ conference at the same time but in 2 different locations, Linda was on site in Devon while I facilitated my walk at The Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, DE. We shared our experience via Skype – we walked together, chatted with the participants after the walk and asked/answered questions about the differences in the 2 labyrinths (Medieval design in Wilmington and Classical design in Devon). It was a fabulous shared experience on both sides of The Pond.

Photo by Linda Gordon

The subject of her latest email was World Labyrinth Day. Linda is keen on offering a labyrinth in the public area outside her local library, Barnstaple Library, and the library is excited about this opportunity.  But Linda had several concerns including the weather (in case of rain) and the creation of a Plan B. A usual Plan B would be to move the labyrinth indoors but the meeting spaces have already been reserved, it is a long Bank Holiday in the UK so there may be a lot of people in the library (especially if the weather is rainy) and the Children’s Section (where there is some space) is extra busy on Saturday afternoons.

If the forecast is for heavy rain then Linda is considering offering the labyrinth on the Friday before (May 1) and give those who attend printed labyrinth designs to take home and ‘walk’ on Saturday at 1:00 pm. And/or possibly do a little workshop in the Children’s Section. She then asked me for my thoughts and suggestions.

Here are a few ideas I came up with...

You can use finger labyrinths. I believe finger labyrinths can be very powerful tools for meditation and connection. You can print them out or even make a few for people to use (here's one idea

Or gathering small sticks and stones to create a small labyrinth that they can walk with their fingers, eyes or if there is room then lay a plastic tarp down, place sticks, stones etc on the tarp in the design of a small labyrinth (3 or 5 circuit depending on room and size of tarp) and people can walk this labyrinth. 

Another idea is a virtual finger labyrinth ( Set up a laptop or if you can borrow one or two, have several set up and add headphones or ear buds to lock out the distraction from other library patrons. Or, of your library has computer stations then maybe you can reserve a few in case of foul weather.

I loved how this simple email for a suggestion presented me with the opportunity to think outside of the labyrinth lines. What are your suggestions? Keep me posted!

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