Thursday, February 5, 2015

Walking Together

The line at the labyrinth entrance was long but the 2 tables holding finger labyrinths were open. I decided to sit and walk the finger labyrinth instead of standing in line.

Sitting, focusing and breathing deeply, I prepared my body, breath and mind for my finger walk. Pointer finger poised at the entrance I looked up and saw Diane Terry-Kehner poised to enter the canvas labyrinth. I decide to walk with her. To pace myself on the finger labyrinth in accordance to her walk on the canvas labyrinth. We walked together, we paused together, we sat in the center together but Diane had no cognitive awareness of this. I held her in my thoughts, my breath and in my heart.

When Diane stepped off the labyrinth I approached her to envelope her in a huge hug. Later I shared my experience with her. It was a powerful experience of unconditional love, letting go of my own pace and inward thoughts and walking in unison with someone on the path.

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