Monday, November 26, 2012

Handmade Knitting Needles

Today's adventure was to create my own knitting needles. I purchased a wooden dowel at a local craft store for less than 1 dollar. I divided it into 4 equal pieces, cut them with a pair of garden shears and then sharpened the ends in a pencil sharpener.

Finished acorn capped needles

Then I played with some polymer clay and a few acorn tops I had left over from my felted acorn project. A rolled a few balls of clay and stuffed them into the acorn cap. Then I pushed the needle into the cap/clay and reworked the clay shape (ever so slightly!).

blurry close up of pink & green acorns!

After pre-heating the oven, I baked them for a little over 15 minutes - caps, clay and dowel.

a little more natural then the pink/green!

After they cooled I took a little wax paper and bees wax to smooth the dowel/needles. I also popped off the acorn top and added a little glue...just in case.

Now...what should I knit?!

1 comment:

  1. Save your chop sticks next asian meal- they make great knitting needles.
    and when mini- mania strikes- tooth picks!!