Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yarn-bombing Meters On Market Street!


Today I had the opportunity to 'yarn-bomb' for the first time. I spent time last week knitting the 'bomb' and I decided to attach it today (I figured everyone would be getting ready for the Super Bowl and the meters are free on Sun.)...with my 14 year old daughter, Kelly, as look-out.

Finished pieces before installation.

I yarn-bombed 2 parking meters in Wilmington. There has been a recent brouhaha concerning parking in the City of Wilmington (see and I have had several 'run in's' with the meter men. In one situation the man was downright rude – but I would hate his job so I decided to try to brighten their day instead.

First Meter Completed!

So tomorrow morning, if you are on Market St (in front of Film Bros. & Bloomsbury Flowers – 205 & 207 N. Market) stop by, see if they are still there, get a cup of coffee at LOMA and see if the meter men & women are smiling!!

Second Meter

Hummmm....what should I Yarn-bomb next?

Caught in the act!!!

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