Monday, February 13, 2012

A Desire For Spring...

This weekends beautiful dusting of snow has melted and left behind freezing temperatures and blustery winds. So this week I decided to add a little color and thoughts of spring in my 'yarn bomb' by adding flowers.

Yarn bomb in Wilmington, DE

I knitted a band to wrap around a tree just off the parking lot of WYRA (Wilmington Youth Rowing Association) where my daughter, Kelly, rows crew.

Christina River

The boat house host the WYRA crew teams (novice & varsity), University of Delaware Crew and St. Marks crew team....needless to say, it is a busy place!

Boat house parking lot

A parting shot of the empty dock...too cold to go out on the river but spring season is a few weeks away!

View of the floating dock...waiting for warmer weather!

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