Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Universe is screaming at me!!

The month of August has been a daughter Kelly was sick and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. Then it was my turn but I had to do better (my competitive side is coming out!). I ended up with pneumonia in both lungs, the blood test revealed I was recovering from mono, I popped a rib coughing, then I was stung by a bee. All this in the midst of a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake and the rainiest August on record. Needless to backyard pilgrimages have been put on hold.

So what is a pilgrim to do when she doesn't have the energy to walk to the backyard - or the mailbox! She decides to send postcards, letters and thank you notes. Several things have occurred that inspired me to write letters.  First was winning a bid on the Labyrinth Society's Online Auction. Letters From The Lighthouse began to arrive in my mailbox. Wonderful stories of life in Victoria, BC and the Carmanah Lighthouse. Janett Etzhorn inspires me, makes me laugh with her stories, has me thinking of my younger years when I had a pen pal and reminiscing my Cunard cruise ship/Golden Door/Rancho La Puerta days of travel and communication (pre-internet days!). 

The second hint from the universe occurred after my mother passed away in April. I was amazed at the kindness of friends. Letters, calls, emails, gifts and flowers arrived. What a joy to greet the day with a trip to the mailbox and find thoughts of  love, encouragement and condolences. I felt truly blessed.

The universe continued to talk...well, maybe scream. On a June trip to Maine the cabins mail was delivered by boat. I simply loved this idea and hope to maybe catch a ride on the mail boat next year!

Belgrade Lakes Mailbox
Then, I was in Anthropologie when I came across a packet of 100 Book Covers in One Box. It was a box of Postcards From Penguin. I purchased the box with thoughts of writing the 100 postcards in 100 or so days. The box sat on my desk for over a month.

One Hundred Penguin Book Cover Postcards

Next I heard the news that the US postal system announced budget problems due to the fact that they are too large of an organization and many people are emailing, texting or calling instead of letter writing. Lastly I went to Border's for the final closing sale and came across a book titled Good Mail Day. A Primer for Making Eye-popping Postal Art. Of course I had to buy it...and it was 70% off.

Isn't everyday a good mail day?
Now the fun has begun...searching through the postcards deciding who should receive which one. I found a perfect postcard for my friend Kimberly Saward.

For Kimberly - a knitting Goddess!

So yesterday I sat down and put pen to paper. And mailed the postcard off to England.

Today I wrote a card to Janett Etzhorn. Her book title was D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover. I think she will understand why...Janett think paddleboards, testosterone and 2 German women!

Some of the postcards.
Well...2 down, 98 to go! Have a favorite Penguin book? Would you prefer a letter or postcard instead of bills and junk mail? Send me your address and anticipate delivery. Let's get back to the joy of getting something in the mail!

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