Monday, September 19, 2011

Postcards continue to be written...

Although I have not written about the postcard project the past few days that doesn't mean I have not sent any!  I have sent the following postcards to the following fabulous people...

September 16, 2011. My brother Ed Rollins and I share a love for the Tour de France. A local company, Lead Graffiti, created a poster a day during the 'tour' (23 posters in 23 days) and I purchased several postcards created from a makeready sheet. For more information on Lead Graffiti visit My big brother has always been there for me and continues to amaze me as he travels in his own 'tour de executor' of my parents estate. Definitely not a fun job but he has been rolling along despite a few crashes on the hairpin turns. He is my "King of the Mountain"!!

Tour de France card for my brother Ed

September 17, 2011. Joanne Reinbold is a friend, labyrinth inspired artist and brilliant writer. My life has been blessed by her presence. Together we dreamed of 'a room of our own' to create and share. But Joanne did more than dream....she manifested it at her church. Now we are creating finger labyrinths, collage cards, talisman pendants, books and friends. Thank you Joanne...

Joanne Reinbold & I dream of having a room/studio of our own!

September 18, 2011. I consider Diane Terry-Kehner my labyrinth sister. Kindness, friendship and love flow from her like the fountain of youth! Her postcard is also a "Tour de France" card because she is not only fluent in french (and a french teacher) but a trip to Chartres opened her heart even wider. Although Diane lives less than an hour away we only see each other at TLS (The Labyrinth Society) board meeting. I think that needs to change...and I will change it. Watch out Diane...I'm heading to New Jersey!

Diane Terry-Kehner - the energy of the labyrinth!

September 19, 2011. "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances..." This quote from William Shakespeare captures part of Janice Toomey gifts. As a teacher at NCCL (Newark Center for Creative Learning), she was able to instill a love of theatre especially Shakespeare and Gilbert & Sullivan. Janice is a role model as she always goes above and beyond, teaching team work, cooperation, understanding and dedication through her actions...I am blessed to have her in my circle of friends.

"All The World's A Stage" and Janice Toomey is a star!

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