Sunday, December 12, 2010

Firebird Festival

Last night we went to the 7th annual Firebird Festival ( in Phoenixville, PA. It was a fantastic evening of fun, food and fire. Shopping on Bridge Street and watching street performers (a personal favorite), eating vegan soup from Kimberton Whole Foods, standing by a roaring fire in an old steel trash can (reminiscent of old black & white films and hobo's!), then heading to the hill with thousands of others to watch the parade and torch bears head to the pit to light the phoenix sculpture.

parade down Bridge St. - a flurry of activity!
Towers burning...


prayers to heaven...
Drummers, dancers and chanters filled the air with fun, joy and a spirit of togetherness and community.
I look forward to retuning next about joining me...the more the merrier!


  1. It was wonderful! Thanks for sharing your view of the festival

  2. There are a lot of really cool and interesting things going on in Phoenixville, PA and now I have just found out about another one! Thanks, Carol!