Monday, June 10, 2013

DRIFT Marathon, ImPerfect City & the Finish Line

Saturday was the final run for The DRIFT - Three Month Marathon at The DCCA (Delaware Center For The Contemporary Arts). It was also International Knit in Public Day...

On Thursday I stopped by the DCCA and yarn bombed them with a knitted finish line.

Front doors of the DCCA

I also knitted 'medals' for all the participants and because this project followed my normal procrastination route I completed the 'medals' at the DCCA in celebration of International Knit In Public Day!

Knitted DRIFT 2013 medals

close up of one of the 'I's

Here is a group shot of us on the final day...which was the only day I participated!

Group Shot

The knitting completed, the run completed now it is time to celebrate!


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