Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Letter From My Dad

Cleaning out a box the other day I discovered a series of letters written to me by my father, Clarence (Cy) Rollins. My dad passed away in 2010 but the letters live on...

The letters are short but full of love and humor. Here is the first one...

"Dear Carol,
                 Gosh I miss you!!!
It's Saturday afternoon and I've finished my chores (I never did show you Moms whip did I?). I'm sitting here having an orange juice & Capt Morgan Rum - I call it a phillips head screwdriver.
                 Bob and Lori stopped in today and brought their new Lab (Black) named Bo. While we were eating lunch he left it tied up in our breezeway. He pooped on the cement and Ed came in and stepped in it and tracked it through the house and to the porch (Ed Tweedy), They also brought Nicole and she loves the Dog. She hugs it and it scratches her then she cries. It was high tide and we took the dog down by the river and she went swimming.
                 I started working this past Monday, working for Cheer Meals on Wheels. It's OK but I don't like old people especially the ones that are younger than me.
                 Enclosed is a letter from Captain Scott USMC. I thought you would enjoy reading it. He seems like a fine young man.
                 Well this phillips head screw driver needs replenishing and I better go and get a new one.
                 As I write this letter you're leaving Venice. Bon Voyage and Semper Fi.
                                                                                     I love you.


Love, Dad

Well, I saved the letter from Dad but not from Captain Scott! The letter was sent to me when I was joining the Vistafjord ship - a Cunard ship from my days working for the Golden Door Spa At Sea Program. 

Times have beloved brother, Bob and my dad have both passed but Ed, Lori and Nicole are alive and well!

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  1. What a treasure! With a dad like that, no wonder you turned out so well!