Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Welcome to The Backyard Pilgrim blog.

I have had the opportunity to travel the world, meet exciting people and go to fantastic places but now I set upon a journey of local adventures and magical settings. You see...I keep thinking about more travels, more adventures and seeing amazing spiritual, historical and magical places throughout the world but I realize that all I have to do is explore my backyard. Well...not my physical backyard because I live in a townhouse and my 15 X 15 postage stamp backyard would offer a short blog, well maybe not, I'm sure magical experiences can occur many times over in my bath tub but my definition of 'my backyard' will be those experiences, places and things within a days journey.

Occasionally I may travel further than a days drive especially when I go to The Labyrinth Society Gatherings and board meetings ( or if I get lucky to venture outside my East Coast circle and so these meanderings may also be posted.

('stumbled upon art' I created at Kirkridge Retreat Center & ASWM Conference)

My goal is to open myself up to the mystical and magical in everyday life and not save it for a planned or booked adventure so I urge you to join me, share your experiences with me and by all means feel free to suggest special places, people, trees, labyrinths, trails, rock formations, events or ideas for me to explore.

Carol M.


  1. Welcome to Blogland, Carol! I love what you say here, and know what you mean.... I've been watching a spider spin her web on the outside of my window today, and I am moved to awe by her grace and artistry!

  2. Thanks Kimberly...I love the artistry of spider webs!

  3. Carol, I echo Kimberly's welcome to the blogosphere. I hope you find it a good place to share your wanderings.

    I would love to do a labyrinth date. Any chance?

  4. Ramona - definitely a labyrinth date! Are you available on the 21st of October? DelArt is hosting luminaria labyrinth walks every Thursday this month from 5:30 to 7 pm but I want to make the 21st extra special since it is (almost) a Full Moon! Check your calendar.

  5. Hey, Carol -- I think being a Backyard Pilgrim is going to be an exciting experience and also make for a very interesting blog. I am looking forward to reading more and sharing, too. I will be seeing you this Thursday night for the candlelight labyrinth walk! -- JMR